Our Vision

That people who use drugs are treated with equality and respect and have a voice where decisions effecting their life are made.

Our Mission

We provide advocacy for people who use drugs and work towards protecting their civil liberties and human rights within services.

Our Values

People who use drugs have rights, but not all people know how to stand up for them rights and don’t know change is possible.  People’s rights are not always respected, protected and fulfilled. The community of PWUD also experience difficulties in claiming and asserting their rights equally. Although there continues to be support towards the community of PWUD, their rights are still not fully embedded in Ireland. Decisions-makers and services routinely make decisions that affect the community of PWUD without considering their rights and many PWUD experience high levels of inequality, discrimination and stigmatisation.

Our Work


Advocacy and Human Rights

UISCE provides free and confidential advocacy to people who use drugs in Ireland (aged 18 and over). If you feel like your rights are not being respected, UISCE can support you to make sure your voice is heard.

Outreach For People Who Use Drugs Ireland UISCE

Peer-led Outreach

Peer-led outreach is the main way UISCE engages with the community of people who use drugs in Ireland. Our team of peer volunteers go out on the streets to talk to people, identify their needs and offer support.

Overdose Awareness – Naloxone

If you want to get trained on how to respond to an Opioid Overdose (during COVID19) and get a kit for youself (if you use opioids), email us at info@myuisce.org or give us a call 015554693.

UISCE Activities & News

UISCE provides support with a peer-led outreach team, we design and produce a magazine, support group facilitation and much more! To ensure people who use drugs are treated with equality and respect and protect their human rights.

Request Information

If you wish to request advocacy services or information on our projects and outreach programme or interested in working with UISCE, please contact us or drop in.