What Is Peer-led Outreach?

Peer-led outreach is the main way UISCE engages with the community of people who use drugs in Ireland.

Our team of peer volunteers go out on the streets to talk to people, identify their needs, offer support and information about UISCE or other relevant topics (Naloxone, Training opportunities, Service User Forums, etc.).

Sometimes UISCE will go out to ask specific questions to the community of PWUD, so we can inform decision-makers and policymakers of what the views of the community are on one specific topics.

Over the last few years we used this approach to get feedback for the development of the National Drug Strategy, to inform the tender process for the Safe Injecting Facility or to learn what the community of PWUD knew about Naloxone (just to name a few!).

Drug Users Outreach Ireland - UISCE

How does it work?

Peer led outreach happens once a week and it can be street-based or service-based.

If you are interested in joining UISCE’s peer led outreach team, contact us and we’ll set up a meeting so we can get to know you and provide all the relevant information, materials and training you will need for outreach.

Participating in the peer-led outreach team is a great way to ensure the community is heard where decisions that impact their lives are being made, and to use your experience and expertise to advocate for better outcomes for the community.

Request Information

If you wish to request advocacy services or information on our projects and outreach programme or interested in working with UISCE, please contact us or drop in.