UISCE is the National Advocacy Service for People who use Drugs in Ireland. UISCE ensures that the human rights of people who use drugs are protected in our laws, policies and services by advocating on behalf of a person or empowering them to self-advocate.

Our main goal is to ensure the human rights of the community of PWUD are protected within services and that the voices of PWUD are heard where decisions that impact their lives are being made.

UISCE advocates for the rights of the community of people who use drugs at a Local and a National level:


  • National Drug Strategy: Reducing Harm Supporting Recovery
    • National Oversight Committee for the National Drug Strategy
    • Standing Sub-Committee of the National Oversight Committee
  • National Addiction Advisory Governance Group
  • Methadone Protocol Prescribing Implementation Committee
  • Naloxone Implementation Program: Quality Assurance Group & Training.
  • Combined Homeless Addiction Competency Framework Steering Group
  • HEPC Partnership


  • North Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation (NICDATF)
  • North West Inner City Network
  • Inner City Organisation Network
  • Addiction, Health and Mental Health Subgroup (NEIC)

UISCE advocates for the rights of PWUD in Ireland by gathering information directly from the community regarding needs and service provision and presenting it to these groups.

How Does UISCE Collect Information From The Community Of People Who Use Drugs?

  • Peer-led oureach
  • Service User Forums
  • Advocacy Cases (specific individual experiences in services)

UISCE aims to ensure that the community of PWUD have access to relevant information regarding services, legislation and any other relevant topic. To do this, the organization publishes a magazine (Brass Munkie) that aims to provide accessible information to the community of PWUD as well as service providers.

If you want your voice to be heard at a local/national level, contact us and we’ll support you!

Request Information

If you wish to request advocacy services or information on our projects and outreach programme or interested in working with UISCE, please contact us or drop in.