UISCE recognizes the need for a targeted approach when working with different groups of people who are at risk of marginalization, and experience high levels of drug use. We were working with Travellers with lived experience who expressed an interest in highlighting the particular issues experienced by Travellers who have or had used drugs.  They felt their voice was not heard, and their experience could help inform services and polices, and affect change.


It was decided a Traveller specific group which was made up of Travellers with lived experience was needed to identify the gaps, seek to provide solutions to ensure Travellers achieve better outcomes. Those involved identified other Travellers, and the basis for the Advisory Board was created. UISCE and the Pavee Point Drug and Alcohol Programme supported the peers in facilitating sessions for the group to work through the issues and produce a strategy on how to influence change.


One of the areas identified was the Citizen’s Assembly on Drugs Use. The group developed a powerful video which was shown at the Assembly, with one member forming part of a panel discussion, with the wider group engaging directly with Assembly members after the panel discussions.


We encourage you to watch this video, as it will inform you, and increase your ability to continue the important work you are involved in.