What Is Advocacy?

Advocacy aims to ensure that people have their voice heard on issues that impact their life —and are important to them— and to safeguard their rights. Through advocacy, people are able to express their views, concerns and/or complaints about a service, defend their human rights, access information, explore their choices and make informed decisions.

UISCE provides free and confidential advocacy to people who use drugs in Ireland (aged 18 and over). If you feel like your rights are not being respected, UISCE can support you to make sure your voice is heard.

How Do We Do This?

When you contact us with a request, there are two ways that UISCE can support you:

UISCE can advocate on your behalf —this means making phone calls, writing letters/complaints, attending meetings, etc. We always make sure that everything that we communicate on your behalf accurately expresses your thoughts and concerns and that we have your consent to do so.

UISCE can support you to self-advocate —this means that we support you to identify who to contact regarding your situation and also we can work with you on the communication (letter, phone call) or we can attend a meeting with you if you need us there.

Remember, UISCE will never communicate with anybody on your behalf without your consent. We are not here to make decisions for you, we are here to ensure YOUR voice is heard.

Advocacy and Human Rights

Request Support

Email: info@myuisce.org

Phone: 01 555 4693 & 01 515 7253

Request Information

If you wish to request advocacy services or information on our projects and outreach programme or interested in working with UISCE, please contact us or drop in.