Do You Know How To Respond To An Opioid Overdose?

Do you know what Naloxone is?

    • Naloxone is an opioid antagonist, meaning that it can revert the effects of an opioid or opioid related overdose (OD) if administer within a short period following an OD.
    • Naloxone acts quickly, restoring the breathing in just a few minutes (2-3min), but its effects are temporary (20-90min).
    • Naloxone is really safe to use! – Naloxone only works if the person has used opioids. It has no effect on other drugs (alcohol, benzos, etc) and it doesn’t harm the person if they don’t have opioids in their system
    • Naloxone can help to keep a person alive until an ambulance arrives.

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If you want to get trained on how to respond to an Opioid Overdose (during COVID19) please, email us at or give us a call 015554693.

If you are a person who uses opioids and you want to get a Naloxone kit, give us a call (01 555 4693) or email ( and we’ll make it happen!


UISCE is part of the Quality Assurance Group that oversees the Naloxone Implementation Project in Ireland.

Overdose Awareness - Naloxone
Overdose Awareness - Naloxone
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