Overdose Response during COVID19 – UPDATE

We know that Overdose Prevention and Overdose Response are – and will be – key to SAVE LIVES during this pandemic.

We’ve adapted our Opioid Overdose Response – “Step by Step”  to make sure that everyone is safe when responding to an Opioid Overdose.

New Public Health Information best practice guidelines state that “during overdose response, apply a surgical mask to the person to reduce the risks of possible transmission during CPR”. 

To make sure we are sharing up to date and best practice compliant information, we’ve adapted our poster!

Here you can find the LATEST information regarding Overdose Response during COVID19


  • 🚫 Wear PPE – gloves, face mask, protective eyewear and apron if possible!
  • 😷 Put FACE MASK on the person that has overdosed this is to help reduce the risks of possible transmission during CPR 🚨update🚨
  • 🥽 NO RESCUE BREATHS!   If you are trained Bag Valve Masks (BVM) fitted with an appropriate viral filter can be used.
  • 🤲🏽 WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 20 seconds after responding.

Access to Naloxone

If you are a person who uses drugs, please contact :

  • Ana Liffey Drug ProjectCall freephone 1800786899 to arrange
  • Merchants Quay Ireland – Naloxone training and distribution available at their Needle Exchange Services
    • Mon to Fri 8 to 2pm, 3pm to 9pm
    • Sat- no NX
    • Sunday 9:15 to 1:30pm

If you have questions about Naloxone and Needle Exchange services outside of Dublin please email info@myuisce.org or call 01 555 4693

For an in depth overview of COVID-19 please check the HSE website HERE