Overdose Response during COVID19

We know that Overdose Prevention and Overdose Response are – and will be – key to SAVE LIVES during this pandemic.

We’ve adapted our Opioid Overdose Response – “Step by Step”  to make sure that everyone is safe when responding to an Opioid Overdose.


  • 🚫 Wear PPE – gloves, face mask, protective eyewear and apron if possible!
  • 🥽 NO RESCUE BREATHS! If you are trained Bag Valve Masks (BVM) fitted with an appropriate viral filter can be used.
  • 🤲🏽 WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 20 seconds after responding.

Access to Naloxone

If you are a person who uses drugs, please contact :

  • Ana Liffey Drug ProjectCall freephone 1800786899 to arrange
  • Merchants Quay Ireland – Naloxone training and distribution available at their Needle Exchange Services
    • Mon to Fri 8 to 2pm, 3pm to 9pm
    • Sat- no NX
    • Sunday 9:15 to 1:30pm

If you have questions about Naloxone and Needle Exchange services outside of Dublin please email info@myuisce.org or call 01 555 4693

For an in depth overview of COVID-19 please check the HSE website HERE